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Begonias - the stars of your shade garden

If you have a shady garden like I do and want to plant some beautiful, colorful annuals that will bloom all summer then you want to plant Begonias.

There are several varieties of Begonias but my favorite for beauty, color and size are the tuberous begonias.

You can find them potted up along with other annuals every summer but if you go to your local garden center now and buy bulbs (tubers) and plant them, then you can dig it up in the fall and reuse those bulbs every year. You can usually reuse a bulb for a few years which results in a bigger plant every year plus you save money. They are definitely worth the investment in time. Take a look at this monster bulb --

This (huge!) Begonia bulb is at least 10 years old. It is beautiful when it blooms (See it in bloom in the last photo on this blog).

These bulbs have already sprouted, so ready to plant!

Cover bulbs with soil but not over the very top, leave that almost exposed. Water pots and place in a warm spot. Once the sprouts are up, move to a sunny location to grow for a few weeks. Keep moist.

After a few weeks they will look like this. They can be moved out into the garden or planted into pots around May 1st.

You can see why I think these begonias are worth planting every year. They are easy to grow, bloom until October and add beauty to your shade garden. They look beautiful mixed with other shade-loving plants like ferns, hosts, coleus and impatiens as in the photo below.

Give them a try, you won't be disappointed!


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