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Broken Things

A couple of weeks ago, right when everything in our nation started to shut down, we had a big wind storm blow through our area and we woke up to see a birch tree had come down into the woodland garden, taking out some mature rhododendrons that had been there for years. It was sad, they had been so pretty and were the backdrop to the garden. As I worked at cleaning up the mess I pondered what I was going to do in this spot now - plant more rhodies? Something else? It gives me the option of doing something completely different if I want to; a fresh start for the garden. It will be a time of rebuilding.

I felt this was such a metaphor for what is going on in our lives, in our nation. So many of us have experienced brokeness in our lives in the last couple of weeks - our lives were smoothly moving along as usual and all of a sudden everything changed. We can't go to work, we can't enjoy many of our usual activities like eating out, going to a movie or going to church; people are afraid and wondering what is going to happen. So much uncertainty. So much fear. Our lives, our routines as we have known them are broken, turned upside down.

But, like my garden, instead of bemoaning how awful it is and "what am I going to do now?", let's focus on what we can do and not what we can't. Are you home from work? Maybe at the beginning of the year you thought you would start an exercise program, learn a new skill, finally tackle that project. Well, now you have time to do that! Get out that to-do list and tackle some of those projects; you will have such a sense of accomplishment! Are you home with the kids? Have the kids help with those projects and ask them for ideas of things you can do as a family. Have a dance party, a picnic in the living room and get outside! Fresh air and sunshine and daffodils and birds singing will lift your spirits. Let this be a time of rebuilding. You can implement some ideas for yourself and your family that can be carried into the next season - the time when this is over. Yes, that time will come. Let's plan on keeping what we have learned through this time to improve our lives and the lives of others around us.

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