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Colorful Hydrangeas

Do you want hydrangeas that look like this? Different colors on one plant? It's easy to do!

I like growing hydrangeas for several reasons - they are easy to grow; they like shade (which I have a lot of), and they bloom from summer into fall, changing colors along the way. Oh, they also dry beautifully.

Hydrangeas pick up their color from the minerals in the soil. Here in NW Washington our soil is on the acidic side which causes them to turn blue. To get them to turn purple and pink I add some organic lime to the soil around the base of the shrub every spring and fall. Lime is alkaline, making the soil less acidic. I use this:

Sprinkle a cup or so around the base of the shrub and work it in a bit. This is an easy and fun way to change up your garden. Give it a try!

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