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Is it spring yet?

For a lot of us, as winter is coming to an end and we are so tired of it being dark and cold, we long for spring to arrive. One way that we can get a jump start on Spring is to bring in branches that we will trick to bloom early. This is called forcing - we force them to open early, it goes against the natural rhythm they have outdoors.

To do this we cut branches from shrubs and trees that are spring bloomers like Forsythia, quince, cherries and apples, things like that. When you cut them, make sure that the buds are already swelling to produce the best (and quickest) results. I love to work with Forsythia because it's the first to bloom and I so enjoy seeing that bright yellow color. Fill containers with warm water and place the branches in the water. The flower buds should start opening in just a few days.

Change the water every few days and give fresh cuts to the stems of the branches if needed.

In the above photo you can see the buds starting to open in just 2 days.

Before long you will have a beautiful vase of flowers to enjoy. Happy (almost) Spring!

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