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Looking back..... and ahead

At the end of the year I take some time to reflect on the year that has gone before and think of what I want to change or accomplish in the coming year. I don't do resolutions. People make them; maybe stick with them for a while and then forget them. I learned several years ago to spend some time praying for guidance - getting a word, a verse or a phrase that is my touchstone for the year.

Last year at this time I recognized four areas that I needed to make changes in. Some were in regard to actions and some to perspectives.

1) I felt I needed to make a change in our eating habits; adopt a healthier way of eating. After a few weeks of reading, studying and talking to people we jumped on the Keto bandwagon, adopting a low carb way of eating. It has paid off tremendously in how I feel and the results of doctor's tests also show the changes.

2) A bad habit that I needed to change was to finish what I start. I was notorious for getting excited and starting something but not completing it. Whether it was letting other things crowd it out or just loosing momentum I was not doing a good job in this area. I purposed at the beginning of any project that I would complete it in a timely manner and I did pretty good at it.

3) A mindset that I realized I needed to adopt was to be in the moment, be mindful. I might be outside on a beautiful day or playing with my granddaughter but be thinking about what happened yesterday or what I need to do today; my mind wandering onto other things instead of just enjoying what I was experiencing right then.

4) One of the most negative mindsets I needed to change was being too hard on myself and what I did or did not get done. Instead of looking at all I accomplished or all that went well, I would focus on the one thing that went wrong or what I didn't get done. This stemmed from a perfectionist attitude that I thought I had a handle on but apparently still needed some work.

I feel that I made good headway on each of these areas and will continue to work on them. A couple of areas that I know I need to work on this year is growing my business and educating myself on using my new computer better. I am enrolling in a class this winter for that and I will read books, listen to podcasts, etc. on how to grow my business.

I am looking forward to 2020 knowing that as we learn and grow and change it opens us up to more - more good, more blessing, more of what God has for us.

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