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Moving Softly Through Winter 

It's the beginning of February and it is snowing softly outside. So beautiful! We don't get a lot of snow here in the Pacific Northwest and when we do it's often a storm straight out of the North; not the kind of snow you can enjoy.

So..... full disclosure; I haven't taken away all the Christmas decor yet. I left a couple of things up that I am still enjoying like a beautiful wreath; pink and white poinsettias are brightening up rooms and the garland and lights running along the top of the kitchen cabinets are still up. I just love the soft glow it gives off on dark days and in the evening.

I'm working at enjoying the right now; each day. It's not that I'm not busy - I have projects stacked up! but I'm moving softly, being mindful of the joys of each day. I want to move quietly into the next season. Not frantically. Not quickly boxing up the decor (along with the memories) and moving into the next thing, holiday, season. I want to be in a rhythm and a flow this year and let them come in their time. What do you think? Let's take a breath, create some margins, find a rhythm and enjoy our lives more. And soon, I will take down the lights and garland.

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