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Spring, Lilacs and more..

Do you love lilacs as much as I do? Do you get disappointed when after just a day or two they droop in their vases and are done? There are a few things you can do to help prolong the vase life of lilacs and other flowering shrubs (including roses) that you cut in your garden and bring in. I am all about #bringthemin - that you enjoy them in your home, up close and personal.

Here is what I do:

1) Cut them in early morning or evening. Not during the hot time of day.

2) Have a bucket of water with you and immediately place each cutting in the water.

3) Place the bucket of flowers in a cool spot - garage, porch, shade for several hours if you can ( overnight is perfect), to rest and draw up water.

4) Fill your container with cool water and add a little bit of bleach, this will kill the bacteria that causes vases to get yucky and keep the flowers from drawing up water. Strip off any leaves that would be below the water line.

5) Recut each stem of the flower and arrange in the container.

6) Every couple of days, recut the stems and add fresh water.

This process can be used for all flowering shrubs like rhododendrons, azaleas, hydrangeas and roses. Also for perennials that you cut in your garden.

I urge you to take a few minutes out of your day to get out and cut a few blooms. Fresh air, sunshine and pretty flowers can do wonders to lift our spirits. Especially during these trying times.

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