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What to do now.....

Garden tips for dealing with the leftovers of spring bulbs.

So your beautiful daffodils and other spring bulbs are done blooming and you are left with those long leaves laying on the ground. You know you are supposed to let them die back naturally so the bulbs will be good and strong for next year but you want to plant flowers in that bed. What to do?

The fix is easy. You'll need twine and scissors or in a pinch you could even use rubber bands. BTW - I like to keep the twine in a jar that I have punched a hole in the lid. This keeps the twine from getting tangled.

Grab all the leaves together in a bunch, fold the bunch over and tie some twine around it. It will look like this -

This will allow room to plant plus allow the daffodil (or other bulb) foliage to naturally die back.

See the yellow stick behind it it? I paint paint stir sticks yellow and push them in the ground at all the groups of daffodils. That way I know where they are and won't disturb them when planting later on.

Then go ahead and plant your flowers. As they grow they will cover the foliage until it's gone.

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